Technical Services

The Mohspro Team takes pride in knowing that our techs produce quality sections of optimum diagnostic value in a reasonable amount of time.


Peer Review Slide Submission

We are extremely picky in choosing the best quality slides for Proficiency Testing peer review. Whether your due for your...

Bi-Annual Risk Management

Quarterly Risk Management services is recommended for high complexity laboratories performing the sub-specialty of Histopathology. We also specialize in moderate...

CLIA Inspection

We specialize in CLIA regulations & we thrive for zero deficiencies! We can update your existing Policy & Procedure manual...

Initial Laboratory CLIA Application Submission

Find the application a bit confusing? We specialize in submitting CLIA applications. Contact us at

MOHS Lab Mobile Unit

We Bring the Lab to you. Not only do we have the best trained techs in the industry, we can...

Better Techs - Better Quality

We offer tech staffing solutions, tech training, Risk Management Services, CLIA Regulatory Services, Creation of Policy & Procedural Manual, Proficiency Testing Assistance, Scheduled and Unscheduled Equipment Services, Safety Risk Management, Incorporation of Special Stains, Training on Special Stains and so much more.

The Mohspro Team is made up of diverse, talented individuals who work together to accomplish Histology greatness. Using the technology available today we are able to troubleshoot better and even perform minor adjustments and repairs to the testing equipment if necessary. Together, the Mohspro Team and the connections we have made throughout the years, make a strong Lab Force.

The Mohspro Team takes pride in knowing that our techs produce quality sections of optimum diagnostic value in a reasonable amount of time.

Strong Lab Force
Talented Indivituals
Mohspro Technical Services

Provides a multitude of services to meet your overall laboratory needs.

Tech Staffing

We offer flexible tech staffing solutions and working together we can help meet your needs.

A Mohspro Tech will come to your facility to perform the technical aspects of your Mohs Cryosurgery.  For first time physicians wanting to be added to our schedule please Contact with your contact information, preferred day of the week, make and model of your cryostat, Manual or Automatic stainer, Special Stains (if any), approximate number of cases, AM/ PM or full day schedule and start time. We will take care of the rest.

Ongoing Tech Staffing – We will add you to the schedule on an ongoing basis.  Just send us your preferred day of the week and let us know if you require a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly ongoing services.  Please, also let us know if you would like the AM / PM or a full day scheduled.

  • Tech going on vacation or on maternity leave?
  • No need to stop testing.  Contact us.  We will schedule you during this time.
  • Emergency Tech Staffing: Tech called in sick or has an emergency?
  • Contact us.  We may be able to adjust our schedule and add you.
  • Mohs Tech Training

There is a continuing demand for good Mohs Histotechs.  Fortunately, we specialize in training Nurses, PA’s, Routine Pathology Tech’s and anyone else who qualifies to perform Mohs Histology.  From beginning to end, we will train your staff to become a proficient Mohs Histotech. There are many facets to Mohs Histology.  It is a technical skill that requires patience.  Our didactic approach teaches our students about tissue control, mapping, grossing, sectioning, trouble shooting, and many other aspects required for Mohs Histology.  A well trained Mohs tech is essential in ensuring an adequate turn around time during the Mohs procedure and a laboratory that runs smoothly throughout the year.  Please contact us at for more information on tech training and laboratory set up.

 We will be happy to help you with your Mohs or Pathology Laboratory set up. With over 40 years of combined experience we can help you save money and put together a fantastic and functioning laboratory. More and more physicians are incorporating a pathology laboratory into their practice. Not only Dermatologists but ENT’s, Gyno’s, Urologists, Podiatrists are among many other specialties that are processing their biopsies in-house. With the growing concerns in the health care system, having your own in-house pathology lab ensures that you’re generating income in order to keep your office running smoothly. Please contact us at if you would like more information on starting your own in-house pathology laboratory.

Policy & Procedure Manuals
We will create your site specific, CLIA standard Policy & Procedural Manual according to your in-office testing and laboratory practice needs.  We specialize in meeting CLIA regulations for Mohs Cryosurgery, Routine Pathology, Mycology, Parasitology and Virology.  Contact us , we can help.

Risk Management Services
Mohspro offers quarterly, biannual and yearly Risk Management services.  The services include QA, QC, updating your P & P Manuals to ensure CLIA regulatory standards are met, and so much more.  Contact us today for more information.

CLIA Regulatory Services
Will your lab pass CLIA inspection?  Did you receive deficiencies?  Contact us.  We will go over your SOD (Statement of Deficiencies) and help implement the necessary POC (Plan of Correction) to ensure compliance.


OSHA compliance through our sister company, Premier Waste Specialists. We can ensure you have your biomedical waste plan in place and your permit up to date. We can also provide your annual employee OSHA refresher certification. Through Premier Waste Specialists we can provide competitive rates for the pick up and disposal of your BMW and Chemicals waste. We want to help you maintain compliance and keep your fees low. So, if you feel you’re being overcharged on your pick-up and transport services contact us. We will offer you better rates with no hidden charges, such as fuel surcharges and environmental fees (unless your county, city or state requires it). One flat rate is what you’ll receive with PWS. Visit PWS at for more information.

Special Stains
Ever thought of adding special stains to your existing Mohs practice?  Now is your chance.  We offer set-up and training on the Toluidine Blue Stain (commonly known as T-Blue) and on the Melan-A stain.  If you have ever thought of adding special stains to your existing Mohs practice now is the time.  Contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Pathology Laboratory
We will help incorporate an in-house path lab into your existing practice. We will be with you every step of the way.  From acquiring quotes, installing and testing the equipment to having a successful CLIA inspection; we will be there.  Contact us for more information.